Contractors Insurance

As a contractor with your own equipment and tools of trade, you are essentially operating your own business and it’s only sensible to protect your business assets from theft or damage. Naturally, if you have a vehicle you use for work, it would be wise to take out a commercial auto insurance policy. Insurance for contractors can be a confusing area. If you’re unsure as to whether you are considered a contractor or employee for workers’ compensation insurance, or uncertain as to the types of insurance coverage you need as a contractor. Taylor Insurance Services has a variety of insurance options for contractors.

Our aim is to make sure you spend only what you need to. Some exposures are easy to spot; however, others take time and attention. For example, how does one quantify the potential loss due to an accidental pollution spill, and how is that information properly related to the coverage provided by the insurance policy? Are general contractors requiring specialized certificates of insurance, and does your policy adequately provide the necessary coverage to satisfy these contractual demands? What are your bonding needs? Are you properly protected from a claim arising from rented equipment? These are just a few of the questions our insurance experts are trained to ask. Taylor Insurance Services identifies exactly what your needs and exposures are.


Contractors insurance may include, but are not restricted to:

    • General Liability Insurance
    • Workers Compensation insurance
    • Bonds – License and Permit
    • Builders Risk
    • Heavy Equipment and Contractors Hand Tools
    • Commercial Auto Insurance
    • Life and Health Insurance

Whenever you undertake a construction job, your work is difficult and surrounded by risky situations. Several factors can contribute to the hazards that exist around the worksite. Tough weather, dangerous operating equipment, and irresponsible co-workers all contribute to the perils present on a site. Let Taylor Insurance Services protect your business from problems that could endanger your future. For more information on obtaining Contractors Insurance contact, Taylor Insurance Services at 678-905-9599 or complete our online form for your FREE Contractors Insurance Quote today.