Motorcycle Insurance

Progressive, the #1 motorcycle insurance group in the U.S., proudly supports the Women’s Motorcyclist Foundation and its mission to promote safe, respectful and skilled motorcycling around women.

We are proud to say that we represent Progressive.


Your pride and joy gets the very best.

The little details matter here. So, the bike you carefully chose and outfitted will be treated like the unique ride it is. For example, damaged OEM parts are replaced with OEM parts. And if your bike gets totaled or is stolen, with Total Loss coverage (TLC), you get a new one that’s just like the original. Even your accessories are covered, up to $3,000.

You don’t always get this level of coverage as part of your standard motorcycle insurance policy. But here, you do.


You can call and tell us your fork is cracked; we get you.

Riding with the leading motorcycle insurer means you’re working with people who also know, respect and own bikes. (We’ve been at this for more than 35 years!)

So when you choose your motorcycle insurance coverage, you’ll get suggestions from us based on your bike and lifestyle, making it easier to find the package that’s right for you. And you’ll work with reps who really know your bike when you have a claim.

In short, you have an insurance company that doesn’t just appreciate your passion; we share it.


You can still splurge on gear.

Save your budget for fun stuff, like a custom front fairing.

Basic motorcycle insurance policies start as low as $75/year. Adding coverages is affordable, too. And with some coverages, you might get a little more at Progressive than you would elsewhere. For example, with our Total Loss coverage, you get a new bike if yours is stolen or wrecked; sometimes, this coverage only covers accidents.


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